The Pure Swing Hitting Clinics are an intimate group platform that bring an invaluable experience for players, parents and coaches. Come join us to learn and implement over 50 years of unique information, principles and tools to make the hardest thing to do in sports, hitting a baseball, simple and natural!

During each clinic, players will be divided into small groups to have their body type/structure, mechanics, stance/set-up, and swing dynamics analyzed. Players will take a lot of swings from the tee, soft toss and live from a coach. Specific recommendations and solutions will be implemented which are tailored to each individuals needs to enhance balance, mechanics and understanding.

Each athlete has their own unique blueprint within their body. By analyzing the athlete’s body type and structure, we can immediately identify their blueprint which begins the process of building a powerful and natural swing from the ground up. This evaluation process aligns each player into balance where their natural swing mechanics will occur in proper sequential order. 

Through informative, interactive presentations, we will identify and discuss some of the basic principles how the human body works naturally, and how it will help develop each players optimal fundamentals. We will also show several common denominators that many of the great Major League hitters share. This includes an introduction to the process of natural hitting mechanics – vision, grip size, stance width, spine angle, stride length and natural swing mechanics. 

Players should learn and improve the following:

  • How to set up in the batters box
  • How to build their own ideal athletic and balanced stance
  • How to develop the proper swing plane
  • How to improve visual perception
  • How to maximize use of the legs and core
  • How to drive the ball to opposite field
  • How to hit off-speed pitches
  • How to increase exit velocity
  • Develop optimal launch angle
  • How to increase their power
  • How to improve bat speed
  • How to correct fundamental hitting flaws

Upcoming Clinics:

Southern California:

Vista National Little League Batting Cages
143 Hannalei Drive
Vista, CA 92083
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Date: Sunday, March 31st, 2019

Time: 1pm-4:15pm

ONE DAY CLINIC ONLY! Fee: $159 per player!

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D-Bat Pearl Mississippi
5706 US-80
Pearl, MS 39209
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Date(s): Monday/Tuesday June 10-11, 2019

Time(s): (2 Sessions per day) AM: 8:30AM-11:45AM  PM: 2PM-5:15PM

This is a two day Clinic. Players can choose two of the available sessions to attend.

Clinic Fee: $259 per player! (Paid in Advance)

Reserve your spot clicking here