The Pure Swing Academy is a Southern California based performance system founded by 7-time Major League Allstar Reggie Smith, and former Minor Leaguer Ryan Lehr. Our team vision is to develop and train athletes of all ages to use that tools that come natural in their body.  The Academy offers private hitting lessons in Southern California (San Diego and Los Angeles) for both professional and amateur athletes. We also conduct hitting clinics throughout the entire United States. Beginning Spring 2019, we will provide a unique, online Virtual Coaching platform, which allows us to work remotely with baseball and softball players anywhere in the World. 

About Our Program

The Pure Swing Program is an innovative performance system that emphasizes building a natural, balanced and efficient swing from the ground up. A swing, that is specific to each hitters unique biomechanical blueprint. By analyzing the athletes body type and structure, we can identify the natural alignment their body needs to be in to maximize performance on a consistent basis as a hitter. When athletes determine their optimal stance width, posture (spine angle), and grip, all the natural fundamentals occur in proper sequential order.   

Our teachings are based upon laws and principles, as opposed to theory. The principles we train our athletes with are supported by information that was uncovered during studies in the bio mechanics lab. The research includes an EMG (Electromyograph) study with the late Dr. Frank Jobe, a brain and eye study at UCLA's Jule Stein Institute, and a balance study with world renown Golf Pro, Dr. David Wright. 

The science that was uncovered during the research is a major contributor to the principles of TPS teachings! (Research to be released soon)

Although there are several approaches to hitting, we have found natural and optimal principles for all body types to maximize performance, with minimal effort. 

It is our goal to influence both coaches and players around the World in both baseball and softball to learn the true nature of a "Pure Swing" that fits each individual athelete. 

About The Team

Reggie Smith

Reggie Smith is one of the most sought after hitting coaches in the game of baseball. With over 50 years of experience, Smith developed his knowledge and understanding while breaking in with the Boston Red Sox under the watchful eye of one of the greats hitters of all time, Hall of Famer, Ted Williams. After a playing career that included stints with the St. Louis Cardinals, Los Angeles Dodgers (where he won a World Series) and the San Francisco Giants, Smith retired second all time in home runs for switch hitters with 314 behind only the great Mickey Mantle. He began his coaching career with the Los Angeles Dodgers where he served as their Minor League Coordinator and Major League Hitting Instructor. Smith helped develop a record 5 consecutive National League “Rookies of the Year”, including recent Hall of Famer Mike Piazza, Raul Mondesi, Eric Karros, Todd Hollandsworth and Hideo Nomo. He was also responsible for the development of several other Major Leaguers including former Dodger, and current Padre, Matt Kemp. 

Ryan Lehr

Ryan Lehr was born and raised in San Diego, CA. An Alum of Grossmont High School in 1997 where he was a 2 time All American. Ryan was drafted in the 8th Round of the 1997 Major League Baseball Amateur Draft by the Atlanta Braves. His career spanned 12 seasons with five Major League organizations including the Braves, Angels, Astros, Orioles and Royals. During his playing career he compiled a .288 lifetime average, twice being named a Minor League All-star and won the Atlanta Braves Organization Rookie of The Year award in 1997 (Rookie Ball). Ryan was fortunate enough to have played for great Managers including Frank Howard, Steve Yeager, Tim Wallach and Joe Ferguson. In 2002, Ryan was introduced to Reggie Smith. An immediate connection was formed between the two, and Ryan began driving to L.A. on a weekly basis to train and study the science and physics of hitting that Smith had taught to a myriad of successful Major Leaguers. After retiring from baseball in 2008, Lehr realized that he had a special gift and a passion to teach, and quickly became an understudy of Smith. 

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