The Science and Balance of a Natural Swing.

Virtual Coaching - TPS360

The Pure Swing now offers the ability for players to train with us anywhere in the World using your cell phone or tablet through the Blast Motion app.

This platform will give both Baseball and Softball players of all ages and skill levels the ability to reach their goals as a hitter by having us map out a blueprint to build your own optimal and natural swing from the ground up! We will begin with a comprehensive evaluation to design a plan that is tailored to each player's unique body type and characteristics. 

After downloading the Blast Baseball App, you have the option to use the Blast Sensor to provide more analytical data to use for development and to track progress. Each player will join the Blast Connect System and will be able to store all the swing metrics and videos under The Pure Swings Cloud

Players can improve the following:

  • Develop Optimal Launch Angle
  • Increase Power
  • Improve Batting Average
  • Learn to use the legs and core muscles (85% of your power)
  • Increase Swing Precision
  • Improve/Increase Exit Velocity
  • Hitting off-speed pitches better
  • Increased Visual Perception

Players will work directly with us as a team to ensure all goals are met. Contact us if you have any questions.

Watch the Video Below To See How It Works 

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