The Science and Balance of a Natural Swing.

Upcoming Clinics

About our Clinics

Our clinics are an introduction to our Academy Program. 

During each clinic players will be divided into small groups to have their mechanics, plate set-up, swing plane and bat-speed analyzed. Players will take a lot of swings, from the tee, soft toss and live in-cage. Specific recommendations and solutions will be offered that are tailored to each individual to enhance the players development of optimal balance and mechanics.

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Players should learn and improve the following:

  • How to set up in the batters box
  • How to build their own ideal athletic and balanced stance
  • How to develop the proper swing plane
  • How to improve visual perception
  • How to maximize use of the legs and core
  • How to drive the ball to opposite field
  • How to hit off-speed pitches
  • How to increase exit velocity
  • Develop optimal launch angle
  • How to increase their power
  • How to improve bat speed
  • How to correct fundamental hitting flaws

Clinics are designed for both boys and girls. Parents are encouraged to participate and learn. 

Upcoming Clinics, Dates and Times

La Jolla 2-Day Fall Clinic 

Date(s): Monday/Tuesday November 19-20, 2018
Time: 9:45am-1pm
Location: Cliffridge Park Baseball Fields/Cages
Address: 8355 Cliffridge Ave La Jolla, CA 92037

Clinic Fee: One-day: $159 Two-Day: $259

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Monday/Tuesday Both Days 

Monday Only 

Tuesday Only