You can now train remotely with The Pure Swing from anywhere in the World. Join us and learn the unique development techniques and methods using your handheld device or tablet, with the Blast Motion app. TPS360 is our unique and innovative virtual coaching platform where we will guide you through the development process to reach your goals as a hitter in both baseball, and softball!

By evaluating each players strengths, weaknesses, their unique individual body type and characteristics, we can customize a blueprint to build a natural, efficient, and powerful swing from the ground up. This platform gives baseball/softball players and coaches around the world the ability to learn and master their own natural movements and balance through our proven Pure Swing system just as you would at one of our hitting clinics, or private lessons. 

With Blast Motion technology, we can virtually be there with you side by side to ensure that players keep on track with their mechanics, mental approach, and to maintain a solid learning and understanding of the cause and effect concepts we base the program on. With the Blast App, we will do a voice over analysis of the swings uploaded to explain in detail the changes needed to be made to improve flaws, faults and fixes. 

The process will start with a comprehensive evaluation for each player based off the first video that is uploaded into the Blast Connect cloud. From there, we will begin to customize a plan that is tailored to each players unique developmental needs. 

Each player must subscribe to the Blast Connect cloud which will give you access to advanced metrics, and will enable all videos to be stored under The Pure Swing's own academy. The subscription is $59.95/ year, with the first month a free trial. 

You have the option to purchase and use the Blast Sensor to enhance the developmental process of the videos submitted to The Pure Swing's Academy. We highly recommend using the sensor to give us advanced metrics to track the progress made. The sensor will give us a better idea to get a baseline of the metrics before we start, and to track the metrics as we work and develop each players natural swing characteristics. Players will learn how to do the following:

  • Build a Balanced Stance
  • Develop Optimal Launch Angle
  • Increase Power
  • Increase Line Drives
  • Learn to use the legs and core muscles (85% of your power)
  • Increase Swing Precision
  • Improve/Increase Exit Velocity
  • Hitting off-speed pitches better
  • Increased Visual Perception

Players will work directly with us as a team to ensure all goals are met. Contact us if you have any questions.

Watch the Video Below To See How It Works 

To Learn How To Use Blast Motion (Click the link Below)

Blast Motion Setup/Training Center


Starting the week of February 25th, you will be able to signup here on the site for your monthly subscriptions with recurring billing (if you choose that option). If you don't see the options below, check back in a day or two, and stay in touch through social media for the announcement.


ONE TIME:  A one time evaluation of your swing: $99

SINGLE:  One evaluation per month (with subscription): $45

DOUBLE:  Two evaluations per month (with subscription): $79

HOMERUN:  Four evaluations per month (with subscription): $149


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