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The Science and Balance of a Natural Swing.
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Mike Sweeney Testimonial

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The Pure Swing Basics

The Pure Swing Program is an innovative performance system that emphasizes on building a powerful and balanced swing from the ground up by analyzing the players unique bio-mechanical signatures. When the hitter has their ideal stance width, posture (spine angle) and grip, the natural fundamental principles occur on a consistent basis.
On average, the pitcher is throwing the ball on a downward angle between 8-11 degrees. All the great hitters have a swing path where the bat is traveling on an angle that matches the downward plane of the ball. Studies show that when the ball exits the bat between a 10-15 degree trajectory, the hitter has a 80% chance of getting a hit. Ground balls only equate to hits roughly 15% of the time.
When the body is in balance, all the natural fundamentals occur in proper sequence where the legs and core muscles are engaged. Being under the direction of 7-time All Star Reggie Smith for over a decade, Ryan brings the same innovative and patient approach that Reggie used to in the developmental process of current and former MLB All Stars such as Mike Piazza, Eric Karros, Raul Mondesi, Todd Holladsworth, Matt Kemp and several others..


Reggie_Thumb_sm“One of the true pleasures and enjoyment of being a teacher is to have a student that you are able to impart much of the knowledge you’ve acquired in a lifetime of learning and teaching and have that student capture the essence of it, process it, expound on it, expand it and ultimately teach it to his own students! Ryan Lehr is that student and now teacher. His enthusiasm, knowledge, patience, and work ethic are only topped by his continuing efforts to learn and provide the best information possible for his students. Whether its batting mechanics, the absolute balance of a hitter or the mental approach to being a good hitter, Ryan has the personal knowledge and experience to relate to any level student from the beginner to a seasoned Major Leaguer! It is because of these qualities as well as other assets, both tangible and intangible that I give my unequivocal endorsement and certification of Ryan Lehr as one of the finest instructors/ teachers of batting that you will find”.
Reggie Smith, Former MLB All-Star
DJ_Pic_75Being an ex-MLB player I have played with and against the best. While talking to the best and breaking down the best, I have learned the proper techniques of hitting. Coach Ryan Lehr speaks the language of proper hitting techniques & teaches exactly what MLB players execute. Which is why I have trusted Ryan with my own son.
Damian Jackson, MLB 11-Year Veteran
Sweeney_Thumb_sm“As a retired major-league baseball 5 time All-Star, I know what it takes to be one of the best in the big leagues. I also know the greatest Hitting Instructors on the planet and Coach Ryan Lehr is one of them! He has a PhD in teaching hitting!”
Mike Sweeney, Former MLB All-Star
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